Processing Actions

Last time we talked about taking actions. That post goes into details of which actions you can take when, however, there’s a bit more to taking actions than just knowing when you can do it. It is also important to know how to take an action and what happens when you do.

So this time we will fill that gap, and likely will open a whole lot of new gaps in the process.

Taking Actions

Taking actions is one of the most important aspects of MLP:CCG. That’s how players interact with the game (and thus each other). But what exactly is an action? When you can take an action? “Well, that’s easy”, some may say, “If a card has Immediate on it I can use it any time, and if it has Main Phase I can only use it during my Main Phase”. And that is actually a good enough answer most of the time. But sometimes things are more nuanced than that. For example, did you know that sometimes you can’t take Main Phase actions during your Main Phase? I certainly didn’t at some point!

Today we’re answering the question: which actions you can take when.